Emergency Lighting

S P Electrical offers new installation of emergency lighting as well as maintenance of existing lighting across Merseyside. Emergency lighting is lighting for a emergency situation when there is a power cut to the normal lighting that is in place. The loss of power to the normal lighting could be the result of a fire or power cut.

emergency lighting

Emergency Lighting Systems Guidance 

The British Standard for emergency lighting ( BS 5266-1 ) states that ” if a risk assessment shows that emergency safety lighting is needed it should meet the recommendations given ” hotels, clubs, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, licensed premises, offices, shops, multi story dwellings etc, although this standard recommends emergency lighting for these types of premises it should be remembered that the standards are a minimum safety requirements and a higher standards may be demanded for individual type of premises

emergency lights

These regulations for the design and installation of emergency lighting state that they must cover all escape routes, doorways, change in direction, change in levels, fire equipment, call points, final exits etc, along with Exit signage

S P Electrical offers full installation and a testing schedule for the premises to ensure that all escape routes are illuminated in the event of a emergency.

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