House rewire liverpool

Rewire – the word nobody wants to here, a electrical rewire on a domestic property is classed as a major renovation, and can not be underestimated, the job involves access to and the removal of floor boards, digging into the fabric of the walls and the installation of new wiring in the property. A lot of people try and avoid this job by any means possible even if it means putting them selves, there families, or tenants at risk.

I have seen people try to avoid a full house rewire, and go on to spend a large sums of money on every other aspect of the renovation. Further down the line when the house if fully furnished and decorated with people living in the property the old wiring eventually fails to the point were the sockets and lights will not work without blowing a fuse or even worse, at this point the home then needs to be cleared of furniture, and people, the decoration and plaster work needs to be damaged to install the new wiring, and the cost of avoiding the rewire has now multiplied  considerably depending on furnishings and situation.

When a house is clear of furniture and no persons residing there, a electrical rewire is a relatively fast and straight forward job, the regulations change quite frequently and what was compliant a couple of years ago may now have been proven to be unsafe in the event of a fault and unacceptable.